Thank you for joining me. I have selected a few poems from The Kaleidoscope of Color for your enjoyment. Click on each of the links below to experience the poetry.

The Butterfly Garden
I Am America
The Kaleidoscope of Color


The Butterfly Garden

Amidst the sweet smell of flowers
Lies a garden of dreams
Where hope and inspiration take flight
And the world is at peace.
In this garden, there is radiant sunshine;
Solitude is as revered as the air we breathe.
This is The Butterfly Garden.
In it, elation runs free like butterflies
Chasing the wind.
Here, there is only the sweet smell of harmony
Splattered like raindrops
On the leaves of every tree.


I Am America

I am America—
Tower of strength,
Symbol of freedom.
I am home to every
Nation under the sun.
I am invincible.

Some say I am arrogant.
Some say I am disillusioned.
I say I am simply me.
I am America.



Questions burning in my mind
Answers that I cannot find
Wonders that I cannot see
Places that I long to be

Who is God?
Why am I here?
Does He even really care?
Why do people want so much?
Why do some resist His touch?

Questions burning in my mind
Answers that I cannot find

Why does life seem so unfair?
Why are friends just never there
When life’s dark walls come caving in,
Crashing, crushing everything?

Have we gone so far across the Rubicon?
We must be lost!
So now our cries fall on deaf ears
A waste of voices and of tears

Questions in my dying mind
And now the answers I shall find


The Kaleidoscope of Color

WE ARE the kaleidoscope of color
That is Africa.
We are free speech and freedom,
Shouting the message of equality
And pride to the four corners of the earth.
We are hope,
For in us lies the promise of a better tomorrow.
We are the advancement and sophistication
Of our magnificent civilizations—
The knowledge that is us.

WE MUST break the chains of ignorance
And soar above the pain of color prejudice.
We must internalize,
So that the colors of Africa which
Lie within us radiate externally
And incite all on contact.
We must unite,
For with unity of purpose
We must overcome that which seeks
To weaken and divide us.
We must realize our full potential.

WE CAN accomplish anything
To which we set our minds.
Once we visualize, then we can realize.
If we can soar through heavenly skies
On wings of steel, then
We can unite for the common good
Of all peoples everywhere.
The power to effect change is in us.

Today, we still have many mountains to climb
But, we should stop, rest a while and
Look back at all that we have achieved.
Then, we must look to the future
To a time when we will fully
Embrace and appreciate
The beauty of each other regardless of
Class, creed or color.

WE ARE tomorrow’s leaders.
WE MUST persevere.
WE CAN accomplish anything.