Born in Kingston, Jamaica on August 21, 1978, Oneil A. Williams has covered much distance during his young life. Educated in three countries – Jamaica, Great Britain, and the United States – Oneil has developed into a cosmopolitan communicator and thinker. Enchanted by the spoken and written word since childhood, Oneil founded a magazine, Broadcast Classic, while in high school, wrote for Jamaica’s national newspaper, The Gleaner, and won prizes for his oratorical excellence. Oneil’s short story, Obsession, was published in the Jamaica Observer, and Oneil gave full flight to his creativity in college as a newspaper columnist and actor in several productions.

A graduate of the University of Central Florida, Oneil also studied at Eastern Connecticut State University, Yale University and in Edinburgh, Scotland at Queen Margaret University College. Currently pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Mass Communication, Oneil has made public communication and creative expression his specialties. An eternal optimist, Oneil’s faith and personal energies are dedicated to bringing his words to others.

Oneil A. Williams is a dreamer who repeatedly achieves his dreams. He has written a novel and countless shorter works, and this is his first published volume of poetry.